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      Children's English learning needs to pay attention to ways and methods, and correct guidance can make children fall in love with learning English?


      1、 Attend a study class


      Children learn English from scratch, it is best to apply for a training class, step by step, from primary class to advanced class, to adhere to the class, lay a good foundation, the foundation is very important. At present, many online English training classes for children are very good. For example, the online one-to-one training courses for foreign teachers on akaso foreign teachers network, where children learn English one-to-one with foreign teachers online, and professional foreign teachers teach, can make children's English pronunciation more authentic.


      2、 English Enlightenment should be done well


      After enrolling in class, parents should let their children contact English more often. Children should learn English from scratch. For example, English nursery rhymes should be played in the morning, English stories should be told in the evening, and English animations should be shown to children. However, parents should pay attention not to make full arrangements every day, Children's feelings should be taken into account, and appropriate methods of enlightenment should be arranged.


      3、 Correct guidance


      It is a long process for children to learn English from scratch. Parents should guide them patiently. It's normal for children to learn poorly sometimes. Parents don't have to worry too much about their children's learning ability, just give them some encouragement. It's easy for Chinese parents to compare their children with other families. Xiaobian thinks that this kind of "spur" education is not helpful for children's English learning, especially for children who learn English from scratch. What children need in this period is more encouragement and self-confidence.