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      Children are the best time to learn English. Many parents attach great importance to the English training of children. What should be paid attention to in the English training for children in Europe and America?


      1. the emphasis of English training for children is different


      The emphasis of children English training is different from that of children English training. The emphasis of children's English training is enlightenment, that is, let the children have some awareness of English first, and do not need to let children remember too many words and sentences. However, children English training needs to strengthen their English ability in all aspects, especially pronunciation and reading.


      2. foreign teachers should be careful in their choice


      Whether children or children choose to teach children with foreign teachers, English learning can play a good role. But parents should pay special attention to the accent of foreign teachers in the selection of foreign teachers. For the age of 3-6, the teacher level is the key factor in the selection, and sufficient listening input and interaction should be ensured in the course. Only by giving enough pure language input to children can children achieve language output.