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      English now plays a very important role. Many parents let their children start learning English early. What mistakes should we avoid when we share children's English with foreign teachers in Europe and America?


      1. excellent teachers


      Excellent teachers are one of the prerequisite standards to ensure the improvement of children's English. When choosing foreign teachers, it is best to choose excellent education background, professional certificate, pronunciation standard and rich teaching experience. Those who can bring children into the classroom atmosphere, cultivate excellent English thinking, so that children in a happy atmosphere to learn the most popular foreign teachers.


      2. scientific model


      Scientific and reasonable teaching mode can not only make the advantage of foreign teachers play the biggest place, but also make children better cooperate with teachers to learn, and learn more efficiently.


      3. teaching method


      Children must not be boring in learning English, they must adapt to their nature, and let children willing to study actively and cultivate good interests. On the contrary, it will make children disgust to learn English, which is not conducive to the long-term English knowledge indoctrination. Nowadays, children's favorite classroom atmosphere is to add lively and interesting ways such as teaching music and scene reproduction into the classroom, which will make them learn without pressure and resistance, and learn easily and well.


      4. course service


      Excellent educational and training institutions should not only have excellent teachers, scientific management mode and reasonable teaching methods, but also ensure careful after-school service, and can protect parents and children in all directions.


      Now many educational institutions will provide excellent pre class, in class and after-school services. For example, before class, you should be assessed for your basic English level, follow up your English learning situation in the whole course and make curriculum adjustment as required. After class, you can give you a comprehensive learning summary report, so that you can learn with the teacher at ease without worries.