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      Adult learning English is a very common thing. After all, many jobs need to use English. Below, the teachers of foreign teachers in Europe and America show you how adults learn English?


      1. accumulate vocabulary


      If you want to learn English well, you must remember words first. After all, only when the vocabulary increases, you can read the articles. This is actually a truth to learn Chinese. So we can combine our current English base, choose the corresponding vocabulary to remember, or slightly higher than their own level, so that there is room for progress.


      2. cultivate interest in learning English


      Everyone knows that interest is the best teacher, so it is very important to cultivate interest in learning English. So in daily life, we can increase the appearance of English, such as listening to English courses, listening to English news and watching American dramas. And many people say that it is very helpful for the learning of English. Because the words and expressions that friends remember are simple.