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      Many parents choose foreign teachers to help their children improve their English ability. Foreign teachers are a very effective way. What's the effect of one-on-one foreign teachers?


      Foreign teachers teach in English


      As we all know, the most important thing in language learning is to have a language environment, and the reason why we have a serious problem of dumb English is also because we lack the environment to use English. Therefore, the emergence of all English teaching by foreign teachers creates a real and natural English language environment for children that they lack.


      Through a long time immersion in the English language environment, for children to develop language sense, correct pronunciation, exercise the ability to listen to sound and distinguish meaning. At the same time, with the real interactive teaching of foreign teachers, children can gradually practice the practical ability of oral expression. In addition to the total teaching, children's English learning is more complete and comprehensive, avoiding the emergence of dumb English.


      Targeted teaching


      In addition to the advantages of foreign teachers, the one-to-one mode is also superior to the collective teaching of general offline online courses. One to one teaching class allows a child to learn with a foreign teacher, which is different from the traditional offline collective class. Because of the large number of students, it is impossible to carry out targeted teaching according to the specific problems and needs of each child, so the pertinence and effectiveness of teaching are weakened. However, the first mock exam of English teaching is one to one teaching. The foreign teachers can pay attention to their children's learning in real time. Once the mistakes occur, the foreign teachers can make timely corrections and guidance, which improves the children's learning efficiency.