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      Children need correct guidance in learning English. What aspects should children pay attention to in learning English?


      1、 Pay attention to the cultivation of interest and guide learning


      In short, children's interest in learning English is very critical. Only by cultivating their interest can they stimulate their desire for learning. For example, they can mix English learning content with interesting cards, interesting games or comics, which are of great interest to children. Only in this way can children's interest in learning English be cultivated.


      2、 Clear learning objectives


      It's very simple that children can't learn English all the time, so they need to set up stage learning goals and promote them layer by layer, so as to achieve long-term learning. Therefore, when children learn English, they must make clear one of their learning goals and carry out stage target awards, so as to encourage them to learn English.


      3、 Pay attention to the skill summary method


      When children learn English, they must not learn by brute force or rote. They need to have certain learning skills to make them feel that learning English through skills is relatively easy. At the same time, it can also improve their learning efficiency.


      4、 Learning planning learning


      As I said, when children learn English, there are many problems that can't be avoided, so they should learn to plan their learning and learn along the learning route as a whole, so as to shorten their learning route, which will help to upgrade their English learning level step by step.


      5、 Environment shaping


      Children's English learning efficiency is not high, but in order to improve their overall learning efficiency, we can create a good English learning environment for them, whether at home or out to play, as much as possible to let them have access to English, so that through the influence of the surrounding environment, their potential consciousness will digest English and achieve the effect of review.